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Reiki Infused Crystal Gemstone Empowerment Sets


(Please Note: Photo is a sample. Please expect natural variations per set.)


Crystal Gemstones Powerfully Infused with Reiki, for Complete Empowerment, Developement or Healing  


Chakra Balance- Prosperity and Abundance - Healing - Emotional Cleansing - Psychic Protection and Enhancement - Sleep Soundly - Allieviate Depression - Weight Loss - Stress release - Attracting Love - Spirit Guide Contact - Meditation Focus - Healing Anger and Hostility - Fertility Enhancement


These sets include:

Genuine Crystals or Gemstones - ( Number of stones vary, depending on the set)  (average size 1 inch)

(1)  Crystal Healing Guide Pamphlet or Booklet

(1)  Black Velour Keepsake Pouch with Double Cord Drawstring    

  (1)  Crystal Guide- explains how to use your crystals, and includes complete descriptions of each of your crystals and instructions on how to program your stones, as well as how to cleanse them.


For more information on how crystals work,

please visit the How crystal Healing works page.





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