Tachyon/Orgone Zero Point Divine Spiritual Essence Pendants


While using these products I am able to experience states of consciousness that were far beyond anything I had ever experienced while meditating, or connecting direct with Divine Source, while chanting mantras, proclaiming I AM decrees, working on the ego, healing the inner-child, working and living in general. I have learned and been attuned to know what tachyons are & how the human Tachyon field is affected w/ and w/out Tachyon.
I began to realize the importance of these products amazing power. The major implications that this natural tachyon energy could have in our personal and spiritual lives are tremendous factors that not only assist us on our ascension, but also heal us, and balance us and all that is within us and our surroundings. 
Ascension Support Tachyon Products  are VITAL FOR SPIRITUAL ASCENSION.
Bringing chaos to order, negative to positive, thus continuously reaching higher levels.  When chaos, disease, or imbalance occurs, it then brings you farther in a continuous pattern of order. 
Using Tachyon restores YOUR TOTAL BEING in Perfect spiraling energy, balancing chakras, aura, subtle energy  and etheric bodies, emotions, ect...
The totality of ALL that is and ALL that is you!
YOUniting in Oneness direct with Divine God Source?s perfect energy, perfect order, perfect balance, and the highest vibrational levels of Divinity.
Tachyon product technology, in my opinion and experiences, is what I feel to be a true necessity to balance one?s life force in alignment with the universal life force balance - the Divine God Source, and being that oneness with the Universal and Divine source energy.
Everyday walking the ascension path, I strive to do inner work and healings.  I always have my Tachyonised crystals, pendants and other tachyonised items with me. My mind becomes so focused and clear from using the tachyonised items that I go into very deep trances while mediating, or in deep thought of my needs and intentions. My psychic and third eye abilities increase, as do my dreams of past lives and other dimensions. 
As these products have had such a positive effect in my spiritual life, I would like to share the knowledge of Tachyon with the whole world.
These pendants are not just Tachyonized, has also been Orgone imbued using a genuine Tesla Purple Plate for the base programming. The Tachyon Pendants and the vial's contents have been pre-programmed with ORGONE ENERGY INFUSION and with PEACE, HEALING, and DIVINE LOVE in the highest goodness to all.

The vial inside the Pendants contains a Genuine Aquamarine Crystal or a Rare Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal wrapped in copper wire, soaking in special blends of PURE TACHYON SPIRITUAL ESSENCE OILS or SACRED HOLY WATER OF MAOTHER MARY FROM JERUSALEM. 

It is a well-known fact that Pink Lemurians are the best programmable crystals in the world. Their massive energy assists you in attaining your highest level of Spirituality. 

The Aquamarine is structured so that balance and order are maintained, thus enhancing the Tachyon further.  It brings the highest levels of awareness, unveiling truths of the universe, the beginning of time and reveals past lives.

This perfect combination of crystals, gemstones, copper and special blend essential oils and holy water intensifies the programmed energy to its ULTIMATE VIBRATION LEVEL!   This TACHYON SPIRITUAL ESSENCE PENDANT Is the Perfect tool to ENHANCE YOUR BIOENERGY FIELD.  

You Can Wear This Pendant on Your Key Chain or on an 18 Inch Black Cord.

Choose from Money Drawing, The Violet Flame, Arch Angels Connection, and the most powerful, Divine Mother - Mother Mary (w/ Aquamarine crystal in Jerusalem Holy Water)

TACHYON VIOLET FLAME OIL: Call upon the protection and healing of St. Germain and Arch Angel Metatron.  Receive higher knowlege and vibrational energies.

TACHYON ARCH ANGELS CONNECTION OIL:  Call upon the four Quarters of Arch Angel Uriel, Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael to assist, guide, heal, and protect you.  This special oil helps to bring forth the Arch Angels so you can receive the assistance to transmute negativity into positivity, while they heal, guide, protect, and bless you with abundant LOVE.  Use to anoint your forehead with an equal arm cross before bed, or during times of disorder, confusion, or negative energies.  Helps to promote self-love and heal the inner child.  Raises your vibrations during ascension, spiritual, or psychic work.
TACHYON DIVINE MOTHER- MOTHER MARY:  This pendant is very special, and unique, imbued with Mother Mary Holy water from Jerusalem.  Inside the vial of sacred water is an aquamarine gemstone, which is the color light rays the Divine Mother, also called the Divine Feminine God Aspect.  Call upon Divine Mother, praise her and tell her your turmoil?s and troubles. Ask her to make you needless telling her your souls desires. Turn your will over to her and she will in return bless you abundantly. By your true devotion in working with her to anchor in the feminine aspect energies, you will begin to manifest what it is you desire.

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