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Tachyonized Sacred Space Blessing Mist for Home and Body


This Tachyonized Sacred Space Blessing Mist is used for cleansing you and your environment as well as Protection of your sacred space, home, or personal being. 


Use it before and after prayer, ritual, meditation, healings, or psychic readings.   It has many other uses such as when visitors are present or after they have left, before sleep or astral, or just sprits? your rooms for a lovely, fresh and light scent!


  It repels negative energies and psychic attacks, transmuting positive energies, restoring chaos to balance.  


This Tachyon holy water is also infused with Dead Sea salts, and a special recipe including spiritual essence oils such as Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, and more.   The batch was set under a copper pyramid in a grid of Selenite and Tibetan Quartz, which is recognized as The OM crystal.  

Tachyonized for optimum balance and results.


  4 oz Amber Glass Bottle gently mists and purifies the air and body with a delightful aroma.



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