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Reiki Infused Tachyon Healing Power Cells w/Panther Juice


Includes are  seven Tachyon Power Cells, with a small sample vial of Tachyon Panther Juice.

They each measure approximately 1+" in diameter, and are made of beautiful opaleciant glass.

These are especially nice to create a Tachyon Grid. A Tachyon Grid is used to create a balanced, highly vibrational, protective and comforting space in your home.

The cells may also be placed on or near electronic devises, worn or carried, or placed directly upon the body during healing of injuries such as bruises or black and blue marks, on the affected chakras that seem blocked, or during meditations.


The applications are many!

Used to balance the physical and etheric bodies
May be used to vitalize food and water, plates, plants and healing tools.

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