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Divine Mother imbued Holy Oil with Aquarmarine Crystal


This sacred Holy Oil is imbued with The Divine Mother, the feminine God Aspect.  Each nice size tube includes the blessed Holy Oil with a genuine Auamarine crystal.  The oil is imbued ona sacred Grid of the Divine Mother and all of her aspects, for a total of 11 days, unsing candles, gold, quamarine, and beautiful quartz clusters.


This oil can be used to bless you before meditations, to increase the coonction to Divine Source of Divine Mother.  Allow her to comethrough, wether it is herself or one of her  many aspects.


I will include information and a diagram of the gripd with instuctions included with this purchase so you can program within the grid to receive abundance in all aspects of your being.


By giving your divine will over to Divine Mother, she will make you needless, and florishing physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially.


You must however, be devoted to turing your free will over and working the grid with persurverance and dedication.

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