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The Essencial Life Benefits and Facts of Tachyon Energy









While using these products I am able to experience states of consciousness that were far beyond anything I had ever experienced while chanting mantras, proclaiming I AM decrees or meditating.

I began to realize the importance of these products amazing power. The major implications that this natural tachyon energy could have in our personal and spiritual lives are tremendous factors that not only assist us on our ascension, but heal us, balance us.  Tachyon product  technology, in my opinion and experiences, is what I feel to be a true necessity to balance ones life force in alignement with the universal life force balance and being that oneness with the Divine.

Everyday walking the ascension path, I strive to do inner work and healings.  I always have my Tachyonised crystals and other tachyonised items with me. My mind becomes so focussed and clear from using the tachyonised items that I go into very deep trances while mediating, or in deep thought of my needs and intentions.

As these products have had such a positive effect in my spiritual life I would like to share the knowledge of Tachyon with the whole world.

 Tachyon means "swift particle." Tachyon theory has been researched and extensively investigated. Tachyon theory accepts the notion of two interdependent universes which are actually indivisible: the visible, sub-light speed universe and an invisible, faster-than-light one. Ancient Yin/Yang theory of Oriental Metaphysics supports the concept of mirror universes.

Simplified, from the holistic healing point of view, complete healing is an integration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Living beings evolve in a continuous upward spiral of order to chaos (and/or disease). The energy spiral continues through the chaos to higher levels of order. Chaos is a stepping stone from one level of order to the next higher level. Every living being experiences this process of energy flow whether or not they are aware of it.

Tachyon Energy is the key to moving through chaos and stress in our daily lives; creating new levels of order, balance and quality of life.

Tachyonized tools significantly contribute to achieving near-perfect energetic balance at all levels. The use of Tachyon not only presents a fully holistic model of healing, but a process by which all living beings can move towards radiant health and communion with All That Is.

We experience the Tachyon Field with our body, mind and spirit as warm, pleasurable, energizing and healing balance. It is the most abundant, natural source of energy in the universe.

All life forms are continuously nourished by the Tachyon Field without harm as it materializes into the visible universe. Every created thing owes its existence to the expansion of the Tachyon Field.  





                                                 You may use Tachyon:

 ♥ Support natural healing and holistic wellness 

To balance, heal, and maintain harmony of your body, mind and spirit
To clear negative energies and create and maintain sacred space
To energize and optimize food and water for people, animals and plants
To magnetize you to your highest potential
To increase energy levels
To increase physical strength, stamina, and delay fatigue
To enhance the quality of sleep and dreamstates
To retard aging, reduce stress, assist in DNA repair and support biological functions
For protection against environmental toxins, EMF and electromagnetic radiation
As a psychic shield
To increase psychic abilities and improve intuition and awareness
To increase synchronicity and enhance manifestation
To support your connection to divine source
To enhance meditation, prayer, distance healing, and lightwork
To accelerate spiritual growth

To assist  in the transmutation of negativity with the Ascension Process of releasing Ego

♥ Enhance and focus mental energies

 ♥promote health and healing via electro-magnetic fields  

♥ Improve circulation and BALANCE the flow of CHI in the body and  the immediate environment